How to Use Info Box Carousel Sections

Explore easy steps to effectively implement and customize Info Box Carousel Sections on your website.

File Structure

After the purchase of the Divi Blurb Module Carousel Layout Pack, you’ll get the following file.

1 ) Blurb_Carousel_01_To_50.json file which contains all layouts or Individual layout JSON file

2 ) License.txt

Importing Divi Builder Layouts & Library Collections

Step 1 - Importing Divi Layouts In Divi Library

Extract the ZIP file containing the divi layouts JSON files.

1. Go to WordPress Dashboard ⇾ Divi

2. Divi ⇾ Divi Library

3. Click the Import & Export

4. Select the Import tab.

5. Choose an Individual layout JSON file or Select the Blurb_Carousel_01_To_10 JSON file (which contains all layouts).

6.  Click on Import Divi Builder Layouts

Note : They’re labeled and named according to their categories, so they’re easy to identify.

Importing Divi Library Item Json Files On Your Divi Website

Step 2 - Apply Divi Library Layouts to Your Page

1. Create a page (go to PagesAdd New) or edit an existing one

2. Use The Divi Builder

3. After choosing the Divi builder option, it will display 3 choices from which to select, “BUILD FROM SCRATCH

4. Click the portability Blue Plus Icon  To  Add New Section then select Add From Library

5.  Locate your layout, then click the Use This Section button to load the layout.

Note : They’re labeled and named according to their categories, so they’re easy to identify.

Frequently Asked Questions

Icons of arrows are not showing up
Go To Divi > Theme Options > General > Performance > Make Disbale “Dynamic Icons” > Save Changes
Problems importing the layout?

If the importing process stops at 100%, or you have another problem, please make sure that you deactivate security plugins like Word fence while importing. Then it should work fine.

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