Info Box Carousel Sections – Divi Layout Pack


50+ Divi Blurb Module Carousel Layout You’ve Ever Seen

Info Box Carousel Sections - Divi Layout Pack

Info Box Carousel Sections in Divi Layout Pack offer a dynamic way to present key information or features on websites. They utilize a carousel format to display multiple info boxes in a visually appealing manner. Each info box typically includes an icon, title, and descriptive text, allowing users to quickly grasp essential details about products, services, or features. Customization options in Divi enable users to adjust colors, fonts, and animations to suit their branding and design preferences. The carousel is responsive, ensuring seamless display across different devices. This feature enhances user engagement by presenting information in an interactive and accessible format, ideal for highlighting unique selling points or key benefits effectively.

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This Info Box Section Pack Is Also Included In The “Divi Master Layouts Bundle”

This bundle includes lots of divi pre-styled layouts, divi module designs, and carousel layouts to help you get started on any type of website. currently, we have recently launched a new version that includes more styles and layout packs.


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Changelog :-

[Version 1.0] – Initial release
– Added 10 Blurb Module Carousel Section

[Version 1.1] – Added New Fresh Sections
– Added New 40 Carousel Section
– Added Divi 4.0+ compatibility