Divi Footer Layout Pack Bundle Documentation

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File Structure :-

– After the purchase of the Divi Footer Layout Bundle, you’ll get the following file.

1 ) license.txt File

2 ) all-footer-layout-01-to10.json File (For All Layout) and Individual layout.json File

Importing Divi Library Items : -

– Navigate to Divi > Divi Library

– Click on ‘Import and Export tab.

– Select ‘Import’ from the ‘Portability’ pop up

– Click ‘Choose File’ and select the JSON file from your computer

– Once the JSON layout is selected, click ‘Import Divi Builder Layouts’ and wait for the import process to complete.

– The layouts will be imported to your Divi Library.

How To Use Divi Library Items ?

– you can add the saved item to a new page via the “Add From Library” tab when adding a new Footer Layout to your page.

theme builder process step-3
theme builder process step-2

Frequently asked questions :-

Problems importing the layout?

If the importing process stops at 100%, or you have another problem, please make sure that you deactivate security plugins like Word fence while importing. Then it should work fine.

Installation & Usage :

Need Any Help?

If you have any documentation-related questions or need a video tutorial sooner please let us know at support@layoutdivi.com